Braille Big Button phone for visually impaired and the elderly

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Brand: Blue Donuts

Our SKU: 3888907

Manpart: BD-503BRL


The Blue Donuts Braille Big Button Telephone enables anyone visually impaired to enjoy high-quality phone calls with ease. Designed with accessibility in mind, the jumbo buttons, raised braille and flashing incoming call LED light make this a household essential for any visually impaired person. The simple, user-friendly design of the Blue Donuts Braille telephone brings you life at the touch of a button. this phone is highly recommended for all nursing homes and senior care living facilities. 


●     Braille Buttons Design

●     Hands free function

●     Redial function

●     Flash function

●     3 one touch memory

●     10 two touch memory

●     In use Indicator and ringer/message indicator

●     Speaker volume Min-Max switch

●     Ringer LO-HI–OFF Switch

●     Hold function

●     Wall mount capable