Golf Cart / Deep Cycle Battery Water Filler Bottle + Hydrometer

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Brand: Mighty Max Battery

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The Mighty Max Golf Cart battery maintenance kit contains:

- 2 Quart Plastic Battery Filler Jug for Filling and Adding Water to Wet Batteries

- Mighty Max Battery Hydrometer that professionally gives accurate indications on battery charge status and battery condition.

Mighty Max Jug Battery Filler Features

Mighty Max Jug Battery Filler is designed to be exceptionally resistant to automotive fluids employed in the processes of servicing batteries, master cylinders, 

- Features the double action fast flow valve tip that prevents after-drip

- Automatic filler stops flow at proper level

- 2-quart capacity, can be used with acid or water

Acid proof polyethylene

Mighty Max Battery Hydrometer Features

The Mighty Max Battery tester is designed to test the concentration of the battery acid in non-sealed batteries.

- Professional quality for highest accuracy

- Precision graduated specific gravity float

- Perform Tests of the battery in seconds

- Easy to read, color coded hydrometer

- Precise readings for status of battery cells

- Accurately Tests battery fluid condition