9.6V 2000mAh Battery For Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme RC Vehicle + Charger

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Brand: Mighty Max Battery

Our SKU: 3440667

Manpart: ML-962000CHRGR35


Mighty Max Battery Specifications:

Voltage: 9.6V

Amperage: 2000mAh

Chemistry: NiMH

Connector Type: Standard Tamiya.

Dimensions: Height 0.5"; Width 2.3"; Length 4"

Weight: 8.5 Oz.

NiMH Smart Charger Features:

Charger LED turns GREEN when batteries are Full.

Please use the charger for battery packs with capacity of 1100-1600mAh or Higher.

Able to auto distinguish bad battery and indicate malfunction.

Able to activate over-discharged cells.

Unique test mode guarantees high quality.

Automatically stop when battery pack is fully charged by Delta Peak detection.

Short circuit & reverse polarity protections.

Built in mini male tamiya connector (charger side).