Blue Donuts Bronze Toilet Brush with Holder and cup insert to catch water and prevent water damage and leakage

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Brand: Blue Donuts

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Blue Donuts products are built to last. Buy with confidence directly from the manufacturer which guarantees the lowest price. We sell factory direct to you, no middle men or resellers.

At Blue Donuts, we are obsessed with value. Our goal is to bring you a quality product, that’s useful and versatile but most importantly – affordable. We carefully weigh and measure every aspect of our construction process. We scrutinize every “ingredient” that goes into each and every item. During this process we try to draw a very thin line between quality and cost. We try to keep the cost down without sacrificing quality.

What we are NOT going to claim:

We are not going to make any claims that our products are indestructible, we aren’t going to tell you that they have 25 year warranties. We are not going to tell you that our products are specially coated with top secret formulas to avoid scratching. We are not going to tell you these are heat resistant, fireproof, bulletproof or waterproof!

We are going to tell you that if you want a good quality product at an affordable price with a comfortable 2 year warranty direct from the manufacturer – you are in the right place.

This model:

Elegant Bronze colored metal toilet brush. Fits discreetly in its container with lid. Most others do not have a plastic container inside to protect the unit from water damage. Our does! As you can see from the pictures the white receptacle is removable so it can be cleaned. The best part of it is that when you put the brush in its case you will not suffer from rust or mold.

Height: 15.5 inches

Diameter: 4.5 inches